Guidelines for Uploading Designs to the Plus Section

Modified on Tue, 23 Apr 2024 at 01:33 PM


As Design Bundles continues to thrive with a growing community of designers and customers, maintaining the quality and diversity of our Plus section remains a top priority. However, recent observations have prompted us to address an issue regarding the abundance of similar designs flooding the Plus section. In response, we've outlined clear guidelines to ensure that the Plus section remains a curated collection of unique and high-quality designs.

Issue Overview:

The Plus section has seen a surge in uploads featuring designs that are either very similar or have minimal variations. This flood of similar designs can overwhelm our customers as they navigate through the Plus section, making it challenging for them to find the designs that truly stand out.

Guidelines Reminder:

To uphold the integrity of the Plus section and provide customers with a diverse selection of designs, we'd like to reiterate some key points from our guidelines:

1. 'Single Product' Qualification: While individual product uploads are encouraged, up to four visually connected designs can be uploaded as one product. For example, matching jewellery designs or variations on a single design.

2. Alphabet and Number Sets: Complete alphabet or number sets can be uploaded as a single product due to their cohesive nature.

3. Character Builder Sets: These sets are eligible for the Plus section, except for bundles of character sets or basic character sets with add-on/expansion sets already listed individually.

4. Add-Ons: Original add-ons are acceptable, excluding bundles of plugins, Procreate sets, or Lightroom presets already listed individually.

Recommendations for Maintaining Quality:

To ensure the quality of our Plus section and enhance the browsing experience for our customers, we recommend:

  • Including up to four similar designs in one listing.
  • Limiting the number of similar design listings to four. For additional similar designs, consider creating a bundle to sell via our main marketplace.


By adhering to these guidelines, designers can contribute to a Plus section that offers customers a curated selection of unique and high-quality designs. We understand that adjustments may be necessary, but your cooperation is essential in maintaining the quality and diversity of our platform. For further questions or clarifications, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and your continued support of Design Bundles.

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