Optimizing Your Product Files for Promotion on Design Bundles

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At Design Bundles, we're constantly searching for exciting products to showcase to our vast audience. To help you maximize your product's potential for promotion, our Production Department has put together this comprehensive guide on setting up your files. Ensuring your files meet certain criteria can significantly increase their chances of being selected for promotion.

Quality Checks by the Production Department:

When a product catches our eye for promotion, our Production Department conducts several checks to ensure it meets our quality standards. While we can't review every design in a bundle thoroughly, we perform spot checks to understand the file's structure and organization.

1. Trademark Checks: Our first check involves searching for any trademark violations within the product. Any reference to trademarked brands can result in the selection of an alternative product.

Tip: Use a trademark-checking website before creating your designs to avoid trademark violations.

2. File Naming: Please provide descriptive file names that convey information about the actual design. Avoid generic names like "1.png" as they can confuse customers when multiple files share the same name.

Suggestion: Include "SVG" in relevant file names for easier identification.

3. Special Characters: Limit file names to letters, numbers, spaces, and hyphens. Avoid characters like &_#%@()*'^! as they can lead to customer issues.

4. Folder Organization: If your bundle includes multiple files, organize them into separate folders by file extension (e.g., SVG, EPS, PNG). This helps customers locate specific files more easily.

5. File Size: Large files can be cumbersome for customers. Consider breaking down larger products into smaller zip files, keeping each file below 1GB.

6. Nested Zip Files: Avoid placing zip files within zip files, as this can cause customer issues.

7. Promotional Links: We discourage promotional links to external websites or social media platforms within preview images or downloaded files. Promote your social media links through your Design Bundles profile instead.

8. External download links: Uploading of product files is mandatory directly to the designated product listing. Please refrain from providing links to third-party download platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., as they are not permissible. 

Preview Image and Description Checks:

Our Production Department also evaluates preview images and product descriptions for accuracy and professionalism:

1. Spelling and Information Accuracy: Ensure that preview images and descriptions contain no spelling mistakes or misinformation. Verify that the number of designs matches what's advertised.

2. Year References: Check for any outdated year references in your designs, as these can be seen as issues.

SVG File Checks:

For SVG files, which are crucial for many customers, we perform additional checks:

1. Compound Paths: We look for SVG files that correctly use compound paths, allowing for easy recolouring within cutting software.

2. Colour Coding: For paper cutting or laser cutting SVG files, colour coding for cut, pen, score, engrave, etc., is highly beneficial.

3. Instructions: Clear instructions, especially for complex projects, enhance the customer experience.

4. Cleanliness: Tidy SVG files with no stray bits, pieces, or problematic nodes make working with them much smoother.

PNG File Checks:

For PNG files, we focus on resolution and quality:

1. Resolution: High-resolution PNG files (ideally 300 dpi) are preferred, ensuring they can be used for various applications like printing on t-shirts.

2. Appropriate Size: Enormous PNG files that exceed typical design requirements can be problematic for customers. Consider the end-use when determining file dimensions.

3. Image Quality: PNG files should be sharp and free from pixelation caused by excessive enlargement.

By adhering to these guidelines, you increase the likelihood of your products being selected for promotion on Design Bundles. Meeting these standards not only benefits our customers but also boosts your credibility as a designer. Happy designing!

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