Plus Partner Program FAQs

Modified on Sun, 20 Aug 2023 at 02:56 PM

Plus Partner Program's Frequently Asked Questions:

If I join Plus, will my store be converted to a Plus store, or will I still have my marketplace store too?

Your store itself will stay as it is. The difference will be that not only will customers be able to download your designs with a one time payment, as they do currently, but our Plus subscribers will have access to your products too!

Can I have both a Plus store and a Marketplace store?

You may, for example, already have two or more DesignBundles stores. If only one of your stores is invited to join Plus, the other store(s) will contain marketplace products only.

If a subscriber downloads a bundle, will I be paid more for it than I would for the download of a single design?

Only single products will be accessible for download by Plus subscribers. Any bundled products will be available for purchase in the normal way.

What license is supplied with Plus products?

Products downloaded under the Plus Basic Plan include a Premium license. Products downloaded under Plus Pro or Plus Unlimited include both a corporate and a POD license. You can read in detail here

Will all of my products be added to Plus, or can I decide which ones aren’t?

If your store is invited to join Plus, all single products within your store will automatically be available for download by Plus subscribers. Any bundle products in your store will only be available for purchase with a one-time payment.

Can my designs that are included in Plus be sold on other marketplace platforms too?

Yes, any designs you include in Plus don't have to be exclusive and can be sold elsewhere.

How much will I be paid per design downloaded?

Payments to each designer are based on their share of downloads. The funds available are divided among the total number of downloads for that month and distributed proportionally. For full details please read our updated designer terms and conditions

If a Customer stops their subscription, can they still use any product that they downloaded from Plus?

Yes, Plus subscribers are granted a license with any downloads, allowing continued use even if they cancel their subscription. However, once a subscription expires, no access is given to previous downloads, meaning those products cannot be re-downloaded or further licenses purchased unless the customer resubscribes.

How and when will I get paid?

Designers will be paid automatically for their Plus downloads starting September 14th. Payment will continue on the 14th of each month to a Paypal or Payoneer account until the agreement is terminated.

Will my store earnings be part of the same automatic monthly payment?

No. Your store earnings will remain separate and available for payment as and when you request them for the time being; however, this will likely change in the future.

What stats from Plus downloads will I be able to see in my admin panel?

In the near future, your designer admin panel will show the download numbers for each of your Plus products. You will be able to view your revenue for the month once it has been calculated, between the 7th and 14th of each month.

If I create an AI image in Illustrate AI, can I download it and resell it in my stores on other platforms?

No, this is against our license terms. Our aim is to create opportunities to earn money on any images you make using Illustrate AI on the DesignBundles website. We will keep you informed on developments here.

However, if you do create an image in Illustrate AI and follow our transformative guidelines cense-explorer/index.php#TransformativeGuidelines, you are free to upload your finished design to any marketplace.

Can I earn money from any images I create in Illustrate AI?

Not currently, but our aim is to create an opportunity to earn money from any images you make using Illustrate AI on DesignBundles.

Will any images created with Illustrate AI need to be upscaled any further before being made available for sale?

No, any images created and upscaled with Illustrate AI are high enough resolution for most uses as they are, upscaling may only be required with large projects in mind.

Can anyone else see/download/use an image I created in Illustrate AI?

Yes, currently any images you create and upscale will be in the gallery and available for download by any paying Plus Subscriber. This may change in the future.

We aim to create a way for you to earn from each download.

If you have any additional questions, please submit a ticket by clicking here; we're happy to help!

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