What listings qualify as a 'Single Product'?

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 08:31 PM

In order to assist our Plus Partner stores, we'd like to provide some guidance on which listings qualify as 'Single Products' and thus become part of Plus, granting download access to our subscribers.

While we aim for simplicity, we acknowledge that certain products may not function optimally on their own and may offer more value to our subscribers when presented as part of a set or with variations.

Conversely, we want to emphasize the clear distinction between 'Single Products' and 'Bundles.' Our intention is to offer bundles to customers as one-time purchases, rather than making them available for download by Plus subscribers.

For Plus Partners who have predominantly uploaded bundles in the past, we understand the considerable effort involved in breaking down and re-uploading listings. We are committed to easing this transition process wherever possible.

Matching Products

We encourage and prefer you to make all 'Single Products' individual products or designs in most cases. 

However, there are exceptions: you have the option to upload a MAXIMUM OF FOUR DESIGNS as a single product if there is a clear visual connection between them. This means they should visually complement each other and form an evident set. 

Here are some examples of what designers CAN upload as a single product to help guide you:

  1. Matching jewellery designs for example a necklace and earring cut file set
  2. Several variations on one design featuring the SAME main subject, character, texture or phrase
  3. Mommy/Daddy and Me matching designs
  4. A set of Christmas ornaments with the same shape and matching design features
  5. The same design in several different colour combinations
  6. A font family
  7. A coaster holder and coaster(s) laser cut set
  8. A front and back T-shirt design
  9. A set of up to four visually matching sublimation backgrounds
  10. Up to 4 templates or planners created to be used together
  11. A set of four patterns or digital papers.

Please keep in mind that merely having up to four designs with a shared theme, such as all being related to Christmas or dogs for example doesn't qualify them as a single product. In this scenario, they should be uploaded as a bundle instead and only available on the marketplace.

Alphabet and number sets

Since alphabet and number sets inherently function as a cohesive unit, we do permit complete alphabets and/or number sets to be uploaded as a single product within Plus.

Character Builder Sets

Character builder sets inherently consist of a collection of mix-and-match elements that seamlessly come together to form unique one-of-a-kind custom designs. As such, these sets are eligible for inclusion in Plus. The only exceptions are bundles of character sets or fundamental character sets paired with add-on/expansion sets that are already individually listed within Plus.


Products labelled as 'Add-Ons,' such as Procreate brush sets, software plugins, and Lightroom Presets, are acceptable in their original existing format.

The only exception is any product that comprises of a bundle of Plugins, Procreate sets, or Lightroom presets that are available and already listed individually within Plus. These should only be available in the marketplace for a one-off fee. 

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