How much do you make on Design Bundles?

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Issue: How much can you earn as a Partner/Designer on Design Bundles


Earning potential on Design Bundles varies based on your role and the nature of your contributions. This article provides a detailed breakdown of the commission and royalty structures for both Plus Partners and marketplace designers.

For Plus Partners:

Design Bundles has established a robust system to compensate artists contributing Digital Art for our membership.

  1. Partner Fund:

    • Design Bundles allocates a 'Partner Fund' specifically to reward artists.
    • This fund constitutes 50% of the net income we garner from membership fees, after deducting costs associated with processing, maintaining the subscription program, and website operations. 

  2. Royalty Calculation:

    • The Partner Fund is split based on the total number of downloads on our site.
    • Artists receive their share of the fund proportional to the downloads of their contributed Digital Art.

For Marketplace Designers:

The following royalty rates apply to designers who contribute to the marketplace for all license types:

  1. Standard Royalty Rates:
    • Non-Affiliate Store Sales: Designers earn a 75% royalty for sales originating directly from their store without affiliate involvement.
    • Affiliate Sales: If a sale is initiated through an affiliate's promotion, designers receive a 50% royalty. Affiliates play a crucial role in driving sales that wouldn't occur without their promotional efforts and are compensated with 25% of such sales.

Design Bundles offers a transparent and competitive commission and royalty structure, ensuring that artists and designers are compensated fairly for their contributions. By understanding these rates, contributors can strategize their submissions and maximize their earnings, whilst Design Bundles drives customers and growth to the platform, continues to innovate and add new features to ensure it's continued success. 

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