Questions about Illustrate AI's Training and Terms as a Partner

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Issue: How is Illustrate AI trained and what terms should I follow as a Design Bundles partner/store owner? 


How is Illustrate AI trained?

IllustrateAI’s program training images were sourced from data by LAION. More information about the source and measures taken to ensure image quality can be found here.


At Design Bundles, partners have the ability to upload their own artwork and also generate unique pieces using our AI tool, "Illustrate AI". This article clarifies the rights and permissions related specifically to artwork generated via "Illustrate AI".


 Your Rights and Permissions with "Illustrate AI" Artwork:


1. Exclusive Listing on Design Bundles: 

   - Artwork generated by partners through "Illustrate AI" must exclusively be sold on Design Bundles.

   - Although Design Bundles retains ownership of the artwork created using "Illustrate AI", partners are granted specific licensing rights to showcase and sell these pieces on their Design Bundles storefront, allowing them to earn revenue per download.


2. Content Responsibility: 

   - By using "Illustrate AI", you are agreeing to use the tool responsibly. Partners must ensure that the generated content doesn’t infringe on third-party intellectual property rights, our Community Guidelines or any applicable laws. Should there be any infringement, the partner will be held accountable.


 Our Rights and Permissions for "Illustrate AI" Artwork:


1. Licensing and Promotion: 

   - We possess the rights to sell, promote, market, and make available for download any artwork generated using "Illustrate AI".

   - We can also publicly display, stream or broadcast the AI-generated artwork for promotional purposes on our site and social media channels.


2. Royalties for Promotional Use: 

   - If we utilize the AI-generated content in promotional materials, there's no obligation on our part to pay royalties or any other form of compensation. Of course, if users download a partner’s AI generated content, we will compensate the partner in accordance with the terms of our partner terms and conditions.


3. Content Removal: 

   - Partners have the option to request the removal of "Illustrate AI" generated artwork from our platform by raising a ticket or by emailing us at While we strive for timely removals, it's important to note that this action won't impact prior downloads of the said artwork (for example, if a user downloaded the artwork prior to a partner’s request to remove the artwork, the user will continue to be able to use the artwork).


4. Addressing Third-Party Claims: 

   - We provide Illustrate AI as a new tool for you to experiment with, however, as with all emerging technologies, particularly computer generated artwork, there are risks associated with using Illustrate AI, including a risk of bias, copyright ownership and inappropriate content. As such, we make no representations, warranties, assurance or guarantees of any kind, about Illustrate AI and the content it produces (including non-infringement of any intellectual property rights), and should there be a claim that our use of the "Illustrate AI" content violates any third-party rights, partners agree to indemnify us against any ensuing liabilities as per our Partner Terms.


5. Reporting Infringements: 

   - If any partner becomes aware of potential infringements related to the "Illustrate AI" artwork, or if there's a claim against the AI-generated pieces, they should notify us immediately.



We value our partnership and the contributions made to Design Bundles. This guide aims to outline the rights and responsibilities tied to the unique artwork generated through "Illustrate AI". It's essential to understand these specifics to ensure a responsible and fruitful partnership.

Note: Whether you are a customer or a partner, our general website terms and conditions still apply. 


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